Peru Vacation

We're another non-conventional Ecotourism company designed to consider you directly in to the hidden parts of Cusco that are often denied to foreigners and allow you to begin to see the land as from the eyes in the Andean individuals.

We are in this article to share in depth genuine Andean expertise and traditions that has been transcended for many generations. The Andean men and women are the real guardians and keepers of Sacred Electrical power Hidden destinations, myths and legends that link in between the cosmos and the peaks with the Andes. We split the barrier between the prevalent traveler along with the Nearby Andean society by introducing you on the deepest secrets and techniques as well as knowledge from the Andean which is able to direct you to at least one of ideal experiences in your daily life.

Andean Encounters has formulated an expertise that usually takes you to definitely the heart on the Andean individuals as well as their lands, hidden sacred web-sites recognized only because of the neighborhood Andean, mingle as a result of regional marketplaces and fairs. We'll stop by Andean households, understand the neighborhood camelids as well as items made from their wools.

We emphasize personalized conversation with locals, the participation in traditional customs and handiwork weaving , plus the usage of balanced residence cooked foods well prepared in ceramic Wooden-burning stoves utilizing only regionally developed and/or locally caught elements.
Our excursions offer money to neighborhood indigenous Andean people which have been form adequate to open up their properties and share their insider secrets with foreigners. We care about fostering delight in neighborhood traditions and permitting the Andean native train the foreigner their understanding that's been handed down by means of countless generations.
We're in this article to offer you another substitute for your personal stay in Cusco. All of our activities are designed solely to carry you nose to nose with indigenous Andean everyday living and wisdom inside the Sacred Valley on the Incas inviting you to definitely get involved in ancient traditions and taste tasty property cooked foods organized from traditional techniques. We’ve asked Particular authorization from concealed communities to inform their tales and to indicate our tourists how they Are living, whatever they know, how they work, and in which they snooze.

All users of more info Andean Encounters team are fired up to just take you further into their life to see, smell, and style “what regular tourism providers won't ever show you”.

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